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Canal and River Trust Inline Mailer

Customer | McCanns (on behalf of Canals and River trust)
Quantity | 430,200 across 6 versions with an amended reprint of 613,000 produced shortly afterwards.

Stock | 120gsm UPM Fine Offset 

The client wanted to produce something both informative and eye-catching, by creating an information booklet, flyer and calendar combination, within a folder, to keep all the elements together. However, although an attractive idea their allocated budget didn’t support this many print pieces.

We met with the clients, and were able to elicit that they were looking for a piece that not only provided their customers with information about various canal systems, but also had a visual element to illustrate forthcoming events. In order to facilitate this we were able to suggest a unique inline solution, which could be folded to create a desktop calendar, within their financial constraints.

When shown some drawings and a rough mock-up of our solution, the client was very impressed and asked if we could proceed. We therefore assisted their design team, by supplying them with detailed plans on how to laydown the artwork to produce the mailer, which consisted of a 6pp cover with 75mm glue flap + 8pp text.

The mailer was also pattern perforated and a thumbnail cut was placed on the flap to allow the calendar element to stand up. We spine glued the 8pp text insert and secured it to cover at the first fold with a peel able line glue to allow the guide to be easily pulled out.

An added challenge was that there were versions for 6 different regions. However we diligently checked all versions to ensure they were regionally accurate and dispatched them to Royal Mail for distribution.

Sky Stepped Edge Mailer

Customer | Sky
Quantity | 5.5 million
Stock | 130gsm Silk

Sky briefed us to produce a mailer to promote their TV bundles. Their initial vision was for a 12pp roll fold brochure, that was die cut so that all offers were visible before you opened the booklet, which when unfolded, would form a staircase effect, with offers on the steps. However, although an innovative design, Sky’s high volumes (5.5m) meant that the cost of this piece would exceed £250,000, plus die cutting, folding and posting would require a lead time of 18 weeks, longer than the 3 month offer!

We therefore set out to address the challenges of lead time and budget, while at the same time trying to maintain the essence of Sky’s idea. By utilising our web inline capabilities we were able to re-engineer the product to create a stepped edge brochure. This ensured all the offers were still clearly defined and immediately visible to the recipient before they even opened the poly bag.

Our solution meant that were we able to produce the new brochure in 3 working days from sign off, meaning that it was in the hands of customers and potential customers in under 3 weeks, and Sky’s campaign maintained its momentum. In addition to this, the cost savings were substantial, with our new approach a third of the cost of Sky’s original proposal.

This was so well received by the marketing team at Sky they have reprinted this product. Interestingly, it has also since been adopted by a number of our competitors.

Sky Tabbed Mailer

Customer | Sky
Quantity | 281,000
Stock | 130gsm Inner, 200gsm Cover

After the success of the stepped edge mailer Sky approached us to help them with their follow up campaign. Sky Marketing was looking for a mail piece that could synergise across a direct mail and door drop campaign.

Once again we investigated some of the solutions they were initially considering, but although creatively interesting they were either too heavy, exceeding the current 20g door drop regulations, or were too expensive for their budget.

They liked the idea of a peel and reveal solution but were also enthused by a postcard or brochure option. As a result, we presented a solution that combined peel and reveal with a brochure, to encourage tactile interaction with the piece, driving customers to look at the brochure content. The result was a heavier material 4pp cover with an 8pp stitched in section. This was then poly wrapped with the reveal and peel elements clearly exposed to encourage opening.

We printed the cover on our cut-star Heidleberg presses, with the text printed on our Web Press and folded inline ready for stitching. The die cutting was outsourced to Andrews Print Finishers in Slough

The client was delighted by the fact the piece was not only engaging and interactive, but creatively ran seamlessly from the previous literature.

The Times Welcome Packs

Customer | RRD (on behalf of The Times)
Quantity | approx. 7000 per week

This pack is the first mailing of a campaign sent out to customers subscribing to the paper on a quarterly basis, with vouchers sent every 13 weeks.

As a respected brand with a strong heritage, it is essential that customers perceive any communication from the Times to be of a high quality. Following their strict brand guidelines we evolved our previous pack with intricate graphical embossing and a powerful diecut ‘T’.

The C5 pack includes a duplex personalised letter with a thermally printed plastic card, tipped on and matched to the letter, a personalised voucher booklet for redemption at the recipient’s newsagent, an A5 10pp Welcome Booklet with embossed cover and wallet on the back page, plus a DL flyer.

Using a daily data feed sent via SFTP, an automated system and workflow sends production files directly to the letter, voucher printer and card producing systems. Very quickly, books, letters and cards are personalised, then only two hours later the voucher booklets are collated, matched and stitched. The voucher booklet and DL flyers are hand collated into the Welcome Booklet. This is enclosed with the letter and personalised card into a C5 outer envelope. We tailor voucher numbers to the individual customer based on the number of papers they want.

The packs are mailed first class guaranteeing the Times Welcome packs arrive within 48 hours 98% of the time and their customers continue to receive the high levels of service they naturally expect.

Argos Home Optipost Brochure

Quantity c.250k per campaign

Argos were looking for an engaging way to send their customers a personalised branded voucher that they could use to both drive the recipients into store and to track their response. They were already sending out vouchers within an envelope, but felt this lacked the impact required to encourage customer interaction.

Our solution was to create an optipost mailer that featured integral personalised vouchers within an editorial style homewares brochure. This allowed us to keep the cost comparable to the previous enveloped version while making it more visually appealing and on brand.

This piece was a prime candidate for using our digital hybrid solution as the variable elements were all single colour, so was produced using our Kodak Prosper Heads located on our 12 Colour Press with Cut Star.

We have had positive feedback from Argos and Homebase who have experienced the benefits of our investment in the Prosper personalisation equipment, as Samantha Harris, Home Retail Group Print Buyer & Direct Mail Co-ordinator explains:

 ‘Incorporating the personalised vouchers inside the sealed One Piece Mailer gives the double benefit that the vouchers reward our customers and also enable responses to be measured, helping tailor future relevant offers and rewards to our customer base. The vouchers also act as a call to action for the piece, encouraging customers to visit our stores.’  


Sky CBC Mailer

Quantity 500,000

Sky were looking for a high volume low cost mailer to inform customers about changes to the Sky Store in order to prompt customers to buy in to Sky’s revised offering.

Due to the cost and volume considerations the levels of innovation and product development were kept to a minimum to create a simple, engaging piece with a clear and informative message. The Kodak Prosper Heads located on our 12 Colour Press with Cut Star were the most cost effective way to produce this variable mail piece.

By using our Impact Gluing resources we were able to produce a piece that was glued on all three edges, therefore qualifying for a CBC mail discount and reducing Sky’s postage costs by 2p per item.

This is a piece we produce for Sky on an ongoing and regular basis and demonstrates the effectiveness of our high volume digital hybrid solution.

Etsy Pamphlet

Customer - Etsy

Quantity - 20,000

Stock - 250gsm Uncoated Cover / 90gsm Uncoated Text / 80gsm Uncoated Silk


Etsy wanted to send out a 20,000 unit naked mailing door drop that reflected the unique nature of their business while encouraging customer engagement with their brand. The brief was to create a print piece that gave potential customers a concise introduction to their product offering, coupled with some editorial creative inspiration and some vouchers as a final nudge towards purchase.

In order to move away from a more conventional design, we worked closely with their agency to help them add a point of difference to the brochure. This was acheived by incorporating a loose sheet of Etsy branded wrapping paper and some tear-off gift tags, to complement the handcrafted feel of the products sold on their site. This also gave them some secondary marketing potential if the paper and tags were passed on to a customer’s friends or family.

This innovative design element combined with a glued on £5 gift voucher ensured that the campaign had a response rate of over 8%, far exceeding the anticipated response rate for a mailer of this nature.

The project ran quite smoothly with only one minor issue, when the artwork for the cover was incorrectly supplied. To save time our in-house designer simply picked it up and re-formatted it to ensure it was ready to go on time.


Customer - Dog's Trust

Quantity - 494K across 44 different creatives

Stock - 250gsm Silk


The Dog’s Trust wanted to send their sponsors a high quality Christmas card as a thank you for all their donations.  The design was to stand out among conventional card designs and also to be

personalised for the 44 different dogs that could be sponsored.

Their designers had already imagined a cut out snow globe image featuring one of the sponsored dogs in its centre. We were able to enhance this further with a ‘snow’ covered acetate window for an authentic wintry feel.

The challenges for this job were firstly to print the multitude of designs, which we did using plate changes, as printing them digitally would have been cost prohibitive. Next we had to work out how to create the piece mechanical in one process; we did this by mounting our label applicator onto our folder gluer which gave us the production capabilities to finish the product in one pass. Finally in our mailing house, we had to ensure that nearly 500k cards were put into correctly personalised envelopes and mailed on time.

For this project, the manufacturing and mailing both went smoothly and customers received their thank you cards in time for Christmas.

Iceland Van Mailer

Customer - Iceland

Quantity - 5 million

Stock - 170gsm Silk


Iceland was looking for a unique and innovative way to promote their frozen delivery service. Rather than just having a standard shaped mailer they wanted something that immediately stood out on the door mat and clearly showed the customer what the piece was about before they opened it.

Our product development team had previously mocked up a van design for one of our other clients and though this could be the perfect ‘vehicle’ for Iceland’s offer.  The client really liked the idea and we supplied their design team with the template so they could create the content.

Achieving such high personalised volumes was simplified by using our Kodak Prosper Heads on our Cutstar. The only challenges we faced were ensuring that the die cut shape was exactly where the client needed it to be creatively and that the short folds weren’t too weak when opened. We were able to manage this with a sophisticated die cut shape that worked will from a manufacturing point of view.

Iceland loved the look and feedback of the piece and although they weren’t able to provide us with the results of the campaign, they have assured us that it performed much better than anticipated.


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